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174Mhz Receiver with 10.7Mhz SDR IF Detector

I've always thought a low-cost single band Software Defined Radio (SDR) might be used to convert a VHF or UHF FM Radio into an "All Mode" Receiver. Recently I came a across a low cost PLL VHF 174Mhz FM 0.2uV telemetry receiver card on ebay. So I have removed a few component to disconnect the 455khz down converter and FM limiter and then wired in the software defined radio tuned 10.7Mhz into the IF. I'm pleased to report this actually works.

Direct Conversion Software Defined Receiver

VHF SDR 173Mhz

Using a 48Khz USB Sound card wired in directly and the WRplus SDR Software and a Signal Generator tuned to 173.308Mhz

SDR 173.308Mhz

Signal Generator tuned to 173.328Mhz giving this reciver a bandwidth or tuning range of 24khz

SDR 173.328Mhz

10.7Mhz Crystal Oscillator

10.7Mhz Local Oscillator on the SDR PCB