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Cosmic Ray (Muon) Detector using Fluorescent Tubes

This project was deliberately aimed at developing a very low cost cosmic ray detector using common Fluorescent Tubes. It was based on variation of an experiment performed in 2000 by the CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) laboratories by Dr. Schmeling which found a simple method for detecting and visualizing cosmic rays using everyday fluorescent tubes inside a wire mesh of feed with a high voltage.

There is a link here at the Teachers CERN Website at the bottom of their page, unfortunately there is little/no information about how this actually works.

However one of the very best websites I have found on working Fluorescent Tube cosmic ray detectors is if you are interested in this type of design you could do no better.

I have now begun building a number of other types of detectors due to a number of issues I've identified in experiments using Fluorescent Tubes.