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My name is Robert Hart, and I am the owner of this website which was established in 2005. This site might be getting a little outdated, but keep it going as it is linked to many other sites and nobody likes a dead link do they?.

Anyway about me: Apart from enjoying being a parent of two beautiful children, I'm most relaxed making something with a soldering iron in my hand. Yes, I'm apart of that other group of nerds who like nothing more than talking about science, tinkering in the shed and avoiding discussions about sport or celebrities.

From a young age I have enjoyed tinkering with electronics, science and other technologies. In particular repurposing something and making it do things it was never intended. Science and tinkering throughout my life has come from an insatiable curiosity to know how things work and I just find making stuff very relaxing and enjoyable.

This website is my own personal website and features many non-commercial and open source projects I make for fun or interest. If you would like to ask questions on building your own projects please feel free to write to me at

I've also posted few projects on Hackaday here:

If you are looking more information about Cosmic Rays, I have setup a new website dedicated only to Cosmic Ray Astronomy here:

If you are looking to get something designed or made or need some help with your Business or School in STEM please visit my business website here: