No matter how crude, home brew always has a better buzz...

"Hardware Hacking" is a term referring to either the modification, cannibalization or combination of new and/or old technologies to create something different, in order to solve a problem, make more affordable, convey an idea, art, experiment, tinker or just for the fun.

Cosmic Ray (Muon) 81 (9x9) Pixel Hodoscope

This  cosmic ray  detector works by detecting  muons which are a by-product of cosmic rays hitting our atmosphere. It detects these muons using Geiger Muller tubes - the very same type of detector used in a Geiger counter to measure radiation. However, this detector uses 18 Geiger Muller tubes that are arranged in an XY array of 9 tubes oriented on an X-axis and 9 tubes on a Y-axis.

Cosmic Pixel

X-Ray Crystallography

The aim of this project is to use a narrow beam of X-Rays to produce an image/data that reflects the armament of atomic and molecular structure of atoms in a crystal. The method used is called X-Ray crystallography where a narrow beam of X-rays is fired at a crystal, although most will pass straight through some of the x-rays are diffract by the lattice of atoms arranged in a crystal which sum and subtract to create an interference patterns at an angle to the main beam.

Braggs Law

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